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The Song Discography is a comprehensive index of all of the known songs written or played by Midnight Oil. The information for the song discography is derived entirely from the track listings of releases found in the LONG and EXTENDED DISCOGRAPHIES (Pages 15 and 52).

The song discography is in alphabetical order by song title with album releases, remixes and live versions being considered separate entries. Each letter has its own subsection for ease of searching (see the Table of Contents for specific pages).

Note: Songs that have been played live by Midnight Oil only appear in the song discography if they also appear on a release catalogued in the long and extended discographies. The live performances listed in the LIVE SHOW REGISTERS (Page 170) are not included.

For simplicity's sake, songs found on the Powderworks compilation tapes (Bytes And Abacus And Lights, Songs for the White House Gangsters, et al) have also been excluded. The songs on these tapes have already been derived either from other releases or from live shows.

Also, the various album interview discs and special album editions have also been excluded. For the interview discs, the songs talked about are either not played in full or not played at all and for the special album editions, the songs are already catalogued by their appearance on the regular edition.

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