* The Short Discography is a near-complete listing of the albums, singles and videos that Midnight Oil is known to have "officially" released either for sale or as a promotional giveaways. Bootlegs and single or multi-song appearances on compilations, tributes or soundtracks, etc. are not included and are instead listed in the EXTENDED DISCOGRAPHY (Page 52).

* The short discography is provided in three different forms: alphabetical, chronological (by release date) and by release type (album, single or video).

* When the release date of a recording was unknown, its earliest charting date was used instead. Charting dates are distinguished by having their (DD/MM/YY) dates in parentheses. See MIDNIGHT OIL FACTS AND FAQS - CHARTING INFORMATION (Page 229) for more on charting dates.

* Often recordings with identical track listings can be found on more than one format. The most common example of this is when an albums is released on both vinyl LPs and CDs. For simplicity's sake, these types of releases are considered identical in the short discography and will only be listed once per sub-section (alphabetical, chronological, and release type). In the chronological listing, the release date given is that of the first release form (ie. if an album is first released on vinyl and then later re-issued on CD, the vinyl release date is given).

* Occasionally, there will be two (or more) releases that have the same name but have different sets of songs. This most frequently occurs with import releases (eg. the Dead Heart 12"; the AUS release differs from the HOL release). In these cases, each unique release will have its own listing with its country of origin noted.

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