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W - Rotsey/Moginie/Garrett
Come to me now
Be careful what you say
Don't make a sound, there's noise enough in this
Come with me know, let night move into day
Let sheets keep secrets that no-one else could know
I could kill for this one time and not be caught
She said to me this is the one and I know
Come to me now, this is the final hour


W - Rotsey/Hirst/Garrett/Moginie
Push start that car tomorrow
I'll take it to the tip yard
Well I'll leave it as a metal wreck
For cats to sleep

Then I'll catch the bus to Bondi
Swim the beach and wonder
Who can wear the fashion when
The place is oh so hot

I'm just part of this play
I'm making an inroad on the one and only
I'm just part of this play
I've finally decided I'm here to stay

Then I'll stop the small talk
Then I'll stop the games
I'll show them that the plans
I've made aren't wrong, what's wrong?
Then I'll shop at New World
Fill it up with real toys
Initiate a face-lift for the captains to corrupt


W - Moginie/Garrett
Let's begin, I am ready, let's begin
Sell my soul to him
Shed my skin, I just wanna shed my skin
I don't wanna sell my soul to him
Mechanize, city bursts and farmers die
They cry
Sleep face down in a goods train heading south in the rain

In this world I often think you'd understand me
In these words I often think you'd recognise me
'cos I just wanna swim with the fish in the sea
and I want faith to heal so that I can be clean

America's great now
If you don't talk back
You hide your face
Crawl and rubble,
And smile and small
That snails-paced creature
Going up and down walls

Celebrate, I just want to celebrate
I'm not going to sell my soul to him
When you look right in


W - Moginie/Garrett
Won't you come down the line
Away from barren ground
The harlot and the autocrat
Are they driving you further down

The season's rhymes, they anchor me
Against the raging tide

Take you to the last wild place
Skin and the stars they embrace
A caveman could a saint become
In a hospital ward on the Somme

We can dive into distant amoebas
Our wings could melt in the sun

I can shake
I can move
But I can't live without your love

I can break
Over you
But I can't live without your love

Our poet Henry Lawson he named them
The lay'em out brigade
Here they come there they go
Oh great god of development
Don't really know you yet
Coastline hosed down washed away
Economics, now there's nothing left
Tomorrow's child takes concrete footsteps
And they'll drink champagne or be damned

And the storm is breaking now
Yeah the storm is breaking now
Yes the storm is crashing down

I can shake...

Our blood vessels go sailing, galaxies away
You know today's bushfire is tomorrow's inferno
As rags to riches becomes the public spear
Watching out down the street as other people start coming down
I can see that they're smiling
And that's something to be proud of
And they say it's late, but you know it's never too late
And they say it's late, but you know it's never too late
Never too late
Never too late...


W - Hirst
Jets fly low at the General Gordon Hotel at St. Peter's
Trains are slow, but there must be some common ground between us
Factory's cold, the first shift doesn't break till 11:30
Streets are old, the houses clean, children seldom dirty

Don't turn back the ships of freedom
Back to the South China Sea
Can you imagine the first taste of freedom for the refugee?

Don't turn back the ships of freedom
Back to the South China Sea
Can you imagine the first taste of freedom for the refugee?


W - Moginie/Garrett
Thought one day I'd make my fortune
Like the ancient cavalcades
From the shipyards of New Zealand
Chasing history I left home

Moving west into the sunset
Became the sunset of our lives
I was factory made and settled
Safe from storm and broken earth

There's so much to do every day
Dreams keep on disappearing
We cling to the walls of our heart
Keep us from coming undone

Now danger lurks behind the spreader
And Chalrton Heston casts the first stone
User interference birthmarks
Clever, not very wise

Let the lamplights keep on shining now
While those searchlights in skies they are turning
We climb to the top of the heap, I wish I could fly

I can't get lost
I can't get confused
Something's misplaced
Maybe for good


W - Hirst/Moginie/Garrett Conquistador of Mexico
The Zulu and the Navaho
The Belgians in the Congo
Plantation in Virginia
The Raj in British India
The deadline in South Africa
br> The story of El Salvador
The silence of Hiroshima
Destruction of Cambodia

Short memory, must have a short memory

The sight of hotels by the Nile
The designated Hilton style
With running water specially bought

A smallish man Afghanistan
A watch dog in a nervous land
They're only there to lend a hand
The friendly five a dusty smile
Wake up in a sweat at dead of night
And in the tents new rifles, hey, short memory


W - Moginie/Hirst/Garrett
So you got the blues
The evening wore out your shoes
To a shuffling beat
It's a colourful crowd
Spray can information
Cover the lonely station
Checkpoint for the state of the nation

On the missionbeat beat
The radio drug
Wayward destinations
Secondhand sensations

In the back of the cell
The plug and the cord
Shoulder dislocation
Bruised in isolation

In the eye of the storm
Writing on walls
Cross my heart confusion
Looking for a new solution

It's the heat of the land
Swallowing sweat
Say those dreams can shake me
Dawn come down and save me
Take this heart
Break this heart
Wrap it up and let me sleep


W - Hirst/Rotsey/Moginie/Gifford/Garrett
Breaking me down - lunatic noises
Breaking me down - desperate voices
Breaking me down - phone is blistering
Breaking me down - death by listening

Somebody's out there, somebody's waiting
Somebody's trying to tell me something
Somebody's trying to talk to me

Cracking me up - silence threatening
Cracking me up - storm is deafening
Cracking me up - pressure brought to bear
Cracking me up - now I'm getting there


W - Hirst/Moginie/Gifford Tell for yourself
Watch me sweat, watch me crawl
Stretch me on the table up against the wall

You can see for yourself
But you better not say
You're working four more hours every other day

See me suffer see me pain
Must be somone else to blame
See me suffer see me pain

There's more trouble at the dockyard
Parties shouting at the union
Short fuses on their anger
Workers in confusion

Then there's the vandals of the right
They stalk the streets at night
Got someone else to fight
got someone else to blame

You can speak for yourself
Before the moment is lost
But I don't wanna shout 'cos I'm counting the cost
I'm counting the cost


W - Moginie/Garrett/Hirst
I know that the sunset empire shudders and shakes
I know there's a floodgate and a raging river
I say see the silence of the ribbons of iron and steel
I say hear the punch drunk huddle drive hammer and wheel

Sometimes you're beaten to the call
Sometimes you're taken to the wall
But you don't give in

I know that the cannibals wear smart suits and ties
I know they arm wrestle on the altar
I say don't leave your heart in a hard place

Sometimes you're shaken to the core
Sometimes the face is gonna fall
But you don't give in


W - Moginie/Hirst/Rotsey/Garrett
Oh get down, getting down, so much money in the ground
For the people who don't deserve it now
It's a circus we're the clowns as the giant ones disown
Every bit of something we call home

Said it's a pity 'bout the middle class Holden mass
We get a bit to play around with doesn't really matter
They kid us with their dole, kid us with the dope
But generally speaking, nobody's got a hope

We're playing the music of the middle-aged queens
Getting fatter and fatter and splitting their jeans
It's all the same, we're out in the cold
The good ones died, the others just got old
Everything's set, everything's fine
You just got to stand in line
Oh everything's set, everything's fine
You just got to stand in line

Getting down, getting down, we have to make it now
Everybody's beaten, everybody's down, oh everybody's down
So goodbye to the creeps who are making it
Goodbye to the let it happen stand
I'm moving out got no doubt they've forgettn twist 'n' shout
They never ever listen to the man


W - Moginie/Garrett
I was
I was shaken down in a toy town
He's out there
You know it's Kennedy's shadow
From White Cross to Michigan
ATMs in the air
Oh yeah machines they are spinning out everywhere

The speaker is speaking
Can you hear the sound
The listener is listening as he hits the ground
The medium or the message but there's no-one around

I couldn't believe the stars of Warburton
Were waiting for me

We were dancing
We were dancing on the plain
Were looking through the window
Didn't see any buffalo there
We got our pipe dreams
They went up in smoke dreams
Burn it clean in the climate control
Of your hypermart malls
Don't want to talk about Elvis Presley
Don't want to see his white shoes walkin' around and
Around and around and around over here
The press baron's acting up the mainframes are down
The newspapers crawling around on the ground
The medium or the message
Still there's no-one around

I couldn't believe the stars of Warburton
Were waiting for me

Over the hills and mountains we go
So far so far away
For the ring of the axe on the ironbark
For the smell of the wallaby stew
From the golden reefs to the sandstone cliffs
Came the sheep pens of the mallee plain
The wind blew the soil to the Orient
We'll be shouting to the skies again

I couldn't believe the stars of Warburton
Were waiting for me

I couldn't believe the stars of Warburton
Were living in me, raining down on me

I couldn't believe the stars of Warburton
Were washing down on me


W - Hirst/Moginie/Rotsey/Garrett/Gifford
Well you knew from the start
That a one way loving wouldn't last
You think I'm moving slowly girl
I tell you You're moving way too fast

Working in the city from nine to five
Traffic on the highway gonna blow my mind
Surfing with a spoon all the rest of the time
Oh yeah All the rest of the time

You better find your way without me
'Cos I'm heading for the coast in June
Don't talk about me when I'm gone
You know I coudn't leave too soon

I'm back in town You're still around
I guess I'll have to stay away
I'm going up north where the weather's fine
And I'm living it from day to day

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