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W - Moginie/Garrett
I come from a land of wide open spaces
Where the world turns around us and we just follow suit
There's heat in the air and peace reigns supreme
Got white flags on the clothes lines and the deals are new

In the wind
The ashes fly
The poison crown
The charcoal ground

And if you can't see the smile in me, that's where I wanna be

There's only God
There's only Christ
Think I'll lie down for just a while

And the grass became granite
And the sky a black sheet
Our bed was a graveyard
We couldn't feel our blistered feet
And the moaning and groaning and sighing of death
And the silence that followed
And the very harsh reality

So watch and check them out and listen as we learn
Throw the pearls before the swine ebb and flow, turning tide
Yes we watch and catch them no matter how they jump
The pigs will have to come to ground, we've got to make it happen
It's really not that new, try and make it happen now
'cos what are we to do, maybe there's a chance for you

All around
An eerie sound
Their dreams a cloud
Their world in shrouds
In the wind
The ashes fly
Not much time
But time to try
And if you can't see the smile in me, that's cos I wanna be
I want to be here at the end. I have to be here at the end


W - Moginie/Garrett
Everybodys say god is a good man
Ah, clock on the world
Driving a dump truck up to the sun
A sigh in the human heart
I look at the clock on the wall
It says three minutes to midnight
Faith is blind when we're so near

Phar Lap floating in a jar
Seas full of submarines, A.W.A.C's like flies
Truth gets harder to define
Talking in tongues

But the dancer's hand grips the rail
And fingers will blister on the 88's
Hope drains out the side of the page

But ears can't hear
What eyes don't see
And you can't see me

Everybody say god is a good man
Everybody say 1,2,3
Set up those gunsights in H.G. Wells backyard
I.C.B.M's, S.S. 20's they lie so dormant they got
So many

Remember your childhood
Remember the journey
Hope is what you say and do


W - Hirst
The tucker box is empty now
The heart of Kelly's country cleared
The gangers on the southern line
Like the steam trains have disappeared
Pelicans glide
Miracles up in the skies
We vote for a government
With axes in its eyes

Mountains of Burma
The road to Mandalay
In the mountains of Burma
Light years away
Mountains of Burma

Will the sons of Solidarity
Still march on May Day

Will the sisters of the seventies
Still fight for equal pay

There's no-one on the Reeperbahn
No more blankets handed out for land
We feed an economy
It's got blood on its hands

Mountains of Burma
The road to Mandalay
Mountains of Burma
Light years away
In the mountains of Burma
The road to Mandalay
In the mountains of Burma
Hope you're light years away

Pack your bags full of guns and ammunition
Bills fall due for the industrial revolution
Scorch the earth till the earth surrenders

Soldiers of armies
Storm empty fields
In a traveller's trance
On the way to the high frontier
Sleepwalkers stumble
Cable cars run aground
Imaginary enemies
Form high above the clouds

In the Mountains of Burma...


W - Hirst
Was it just a dream, were you so confused
Was it just a giant leap of logic
Was it the time of year, that makes a state of fear
Methods, were their motives for the action

And did I hear you say
My country right or wrong

Did you save your face
Did you breach your faith
Women, there were children at the shelter
Now who can stop the hail
When human senses fail
There was never any warning, no escape

Did I hear you say
My country right or wrong

My country oh so strong
My country going wrong
My country right or wrong

I hear you say the truth must take a beating
The flag a camouflage for your deceiving
I know we all make mistakes

This is not a case of blurred vision,
It's a case of black holes, pocket holes, soul holes

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