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* The Long Discography is an expanded listing of the albums, singles and videos found in the SHORT DISCOGRAPHY (Page 8). It is in alphabetical order and contains the release date (as detailed before) and distribution information (production company and catalog number) in addition to a listing of which songs appear on the album and any album production notes. Each letter has its own subsection for ease of searching (see the Table of Contents for specific pages).
* When the release date of a recording was unknown, its earliest charting date was used instead. Charting dates are distinguished by having their (DD/MM/YY) dates in parentheses. See MIDNIGHT OIL FACTS AND FAQS - CHARTING INFORMATION (Page 229) for more on charting dates.
* On some recordings, there is a [PS - xxx] listed next to the catalog number. This is a brief description of the "picture" sleeve that 7" and 12" albums commonly come in. [No PS] indicates that no special picture sleeve was used for the particular recording.
* The track listings and production notes are as appears on the liner notes of the albums.

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