oV 1.0 - The first version was a brief discography listing the release date, charting date and Australian catalog number of each of Midnight Oil's albums. May 1993. 8 pages.
oV 2.0 - The discography was expanded to include publications either by or about members of Midnight Oil. November 1993. 13 pages.
oV 2.5 - Sometime after V 2.0, the first live show register was compiled. This collected information from popular bootleg albums as well as old concert announcements, t-shirts, advertisements and flyers. March 1994. 5 pages.
oV 3.0 - OilBase is formally created. Patterned loosely after the Grateful Dead database, DeadBase, it combined the discography with the live show register and added the majority of the songs lyrics available to date. June 1994. 118 pages.
oV 4.0 - The first major update of OilBase. It includes the first draft of the FAQ/fact sections as well as a major revision and expansion of the discographies. Other changes include the completion of the lyrics(missing songs added plus several ad-lib lyrics/rants not listed in liner notes included), several updates and additions to the live show registers and a preliminary magazine article index. October 1994. 260 pages.

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