Who/What is BURNIE?
Burnie is an industrial town on the north coast of Tasmania.

Who is/was NED KELLY?
Ned Kelly is an Australian folklore hero. He was a bushranger whose "career" went from the mid-1870s to Nov 11, 1889. His folk hero status comes from his stagecoach robberies and struggles against alledgely corrupt authorities. His first encounter with the law was over the charge of of horse theft. He was later declared an outlaw after a gunfight at Stringybark Creek in which two policemen were killed. Kelly declared that the shootings were in self-defense but the authorities still sought him out.

He was captured in a famous gunfight at Glenrowan, where he and his brother had fashioned iron armour. The armour consisted of his famous "bucket" helmet which was a metal can with an eyeslit in it. For body protection, they wore two iron plates in a sandwich board style. The fight at the hotel in Glenrowan lasted three days and Ned was the only person not killed outright during the battle. He was instead tried and hung after the fight by the state of Victoria.

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones played the roll of Ned in an early 70's movie which got terrible reviews.

What is a quinella (QUINELLA HOLIDAY)?
A quinella is defined as a type of bet (usually on horse racing) where the bettor attempts to pick the top two finishers.

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