What is the Blue Album?
See the MIDNIGHT OIL FAQs (Page 221).

Does/Did HERCULES have another name?
When Hercules was first played at concerts (before the release of Species Deceases, the band refered to it as "Ode To The Rainbow Warrior" (the Rainbow Warrior is the famous Greenpeace ship).

What is KOLELE MAI about?
Just as the song ends, Peter says "This is the classic language of the people of Timor". The island of Timor is a small island north of Australia. For years, the western half of the island was part of Indonesia and the eastern half (East Timor) was a Portoguese colony. When Portugal began its decolonization in 1974, East Timor had fewer than ten college graduates and, unlike many former colonies, really didn't have any sort of structure in place to take over power in the wake of the withdrawal. A a result, a civil war ensued and Indonesia invaded the nation in 1975, supposedly on invitation from the people of Timor. In the ensuing 18 years, international estimates hold that between 100,000 and 200,000 of East Timor's pre-invasion population of 700,000 has died, largely as a result of Indonesian violence and forced malnutrition.

The song somewhat details the tragic story which is a subject of near-complete avoidance by the U.S. and other governments who are willing to overlook human rights abuses because Indonesia (the fifth most populous nation in the world) is a valuable ally.

Wedding Cake Island is more of a rough outcropping of rocks than an island but it is situated a few hundred meters from Coogee Beach in Australia (the closest beach to the University of NSW).

Were there ever lyrics to WEDDING CAKE ISLAND?
Rob Hirst has been quoted as saying the original takes of this song contained some raves by Peter Garrett. However, these did not make the final studio cut and Rob claims to have the only copy of the original version.

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