Has Peter Garrett always had a shaved head?
No. He had long blonde hair while he attended ANU in Canberra. There are at least two published photos of him with hair (blonde). The first is a group photo of Farm (the band's original name) in a 1970's issue of RAM - Rock Australia Magazine. In it, he has long hair. In the other photo, he is down to a short crew cut. It shows up in a book called "Still Noise - Australian Rock Photography" circa 1977.

Why did Peter Garrett shave his head?
The rumored story is, he and his brother were taking photos of each other surfing and when they all came back from the developer they had these long locks of wet blonde hair flopped all over them. He decided to trim it back but didn't when he saw the results (which made him "look like someone who worked at a bank"), he decided to shave it all off. It's been gone ever since.

What is Peter Garrett's political background?
In addition to his musical background, Peter Garrett holds a law degree from the Australian National University in Canberra. In 1984, Garrett ran for the Australian Senate at the head of the Nuclear Disarmament Party. He got 9 percent of the vote (300,000) but was not elected because the Labor Party feared a potential "loose-cannon subversive" would help the Liberals too much.

He was also the president of the Australian Conservation Foundation and on the board of directors of Greenpeace.

What happened to Peter Gifford/What's he doing now?
In 1989, he made a brief appearance on Neil Murray's album, "Calm and Crystal Clear", playing bass for "Let's Fall in Love Again". In 1990, he was seen playing with a small blues band in Byron Bay (AUS). In 1993, he appeared on a second Neil Murray album, "These Hands". Rob Hirst, Bones Hillman and Jim Mogninie also contributed to "These Hands".

What happened to Andy James/What's he doing now?
He was last seen playing jazz clubs in Sydney, Australia.

What is Bones Hillman's background?
Bones Hillman is a New Zealander who has also played with Crowded House.

Note on Rob Hirst:
Rob Hirst is fluent in French.

What else has done?
For more on individual band member's solo efforts, see SOLO OILS (Page 254).

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